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Roundshot 360 VR camera: A natural choice

If you are a professional photographer or CGI artist, you will understand just how important it is to use a 360 VR camera that you can trust. In areas where there is no margin for error, where your panoramic shots need to be precise and defined, a Roundshot 360 VR camera is a natural choice. Seitz Roundshot 360 VR camera equipment is the preferred equipment for virtual reality professionals who seek quality and reliability – for every project.

What makes a Roundshot 360 VR camera special?

A Roundshot 360 VR camera is special thanks to a variety of factors. Swiss precision and workmanship, high-quality materials and the latest technological know-how all play a role in the construction of a Roundshot 360 VR camera. Each component in a Roundshot 360 VR camera is milled by advanced CNC machinery from a single piece of aluminium. The Roundshot D3 is a great example of just how exceptional a 360 VR camera can be. This superb camera has been dubbed 'The Formula-1 of panorama cameras' and it's the world's fastest 360 VR camera. You will benefit from exceptionally fast image capture of 300 MB per second when choosing this 360 VR camera. It allows you to create cylindrical panoramas very easily. You might expect such an advanced 360 VR camera to be tricky to manage but that's not the case with Roundshot. Besides, this 360 VR camera also allows exceptional connectivity as it can be used with any Mac computer or 64-bit PC. A variety of tasks is possible with this Roundshot 360 VR camera or with any other exciting Roundshot camera that you can discover at www.roundshot.com. Use your 360 VR camera to create outstanding panorama images or for high-resolution virtual tours. A versatile 360 VR camera from Roundshot is also perfectly suitable to landscape work, fine art, group photography or street mapping.

More scope with Roundshot

Your unique Roundshot experience only really starts once you have selected the Roundshot 360 VR camera that best suits your needs. You can customise your 360 VR camera with the help of our our professional team. This sensational 360 VR camera range is used by some of the world's leading photographers. When you invest in a 360 VR camera from Seitz Roundshot you are choosing the very best. Your initial investment will pay back many times over and your 360 VR camera will give you incredible pleasure for many years to come.

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