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360 webcam: Trusted by clients around the world

Seitz Roundshot is the world leader in 360 webcam equipment and its exceptional products are trusted by clients around the world. Take a look at www.roundshot.com and see for yourself how technology and precision combine to make 360 webcam equipment you can trust. The image quality of our 360 webcam is truly outstanding and enables professional e-marketing for tourism destinations and project documentations.

A 360 webcam for the 21st century

The Roundshot Livecam is the world’s most technologically advanced 360 webcam. It is the perfect tool for the 21st century and this remarkable 360 webcam has all the features that modern users demand. It can be used in any suitable outdoor location. From the top of a mountain to the forest floor, from the jungle to the desert, temperature and weather are no problem for this 360 webcam. Like all Roundshot cameras, the Livecam 360 webcam is made from superior grade materials and its robust casing and solid construction can withstand almost anything. Add crystal-clear high definition images of up to 66 million pixels and you can see why this is the 360 webcam chosen by some of the world's leading companies and industry professionals. Multi-media connectivity allows you to view 360 webcam images on a wide variety of modern browsers and mobile devices through html5, html4 or through our dedicated apps. Other features such as our screensaver tool make this 360 webcam a comprehensive marketing tool and a valuable piece of equipment.

A 360 webcam that can cope with many applications

The Roundshot Livecam can be used for any projects that requires a 360 webcam documentation. It is perfect for destination marketing and is used in towns and cities all over Europe. This is the 360 webcam that is used to create a continuous feed of stunning webcam images for a hotel in the UK. It is the same 360 webcam that is installed in some of France's most famous ski resorts and it monitors conditions at some of Switzerland's highest mountain peaks. In fact, thanks to its ability to cope with the most demanding weather conditions keeps the Roundshot 360 webcam at the top of its field. There really is no finer 360 webcam whether you are a city planner, a tourism professional or an architect. Whether you need to document the progress of a construction site, want to show a landscape in all its beauty or monitor extreme climactic conditions, you will benefit from impeccable 360 webcam technology.

Why not take a look at the full 360 webcam specifications at www.roundshot.com? You'll be impressed by the scope and versatility of the world's most advanced 360 webcam. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions. Be sure to explore the full Seitz Roundshot range of products - besides 360 webcam equipment we offer a wide selection of VR panorama solutions that has been designed for use by top photographers.

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