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Panorama camera: Create amazing images!

A panorama camera allows you to create amazing images of up to 360 degrees, thus expanding your horizon to a new and fast growing type of photography. Whether you are a beginner or whether you are looking to replace an existing panorama camera, you can rely on Roundshot. A Roundshot panorama camera is a highly advanced product that combines quality and flexibility with the latest technology.

A panorama camera designed for many applications

In general, a panorama camera is able to capture images over a 360 degree horizontal view. Sometimes known as a 360 degree camera, the panorama camera enables users to create remarkable cylindrical or spherical images that are used in a vast range of applications. Some of the most common uses for a panorama camera are virtual tours, fine art photography and 3D applications. However, there is no limit to what you can achieve with a Roundshot panorama camera. Every panorama camera made in Switzerland by Roundshot combines ease of use with a host of advanced features and specifications. Every single part of a Roundshot panorama camera has been individually cut from one piece of aluminium by highly precise CNC machinery. Every piece is then hand assembled to create a panorama camera that is tough and durable and ready for anything. It is this attention to detail that has made the Roundshot panorama camera a world leader. The brand is the first choice of virtual reality professionals and is used in fields as diverse as tourism, government and design. Whatever your field of work, you are sure of ultimate quality when picking a Roundshot panorama camera.

Up close and personal with a Roundshot panorama camera

The Roundshot VR Drive is the perfect panorama camera for web or virtual tour work. In fact, virtual tours are one of the areas where panorama equipment is most widely used today. Perhaps you want to present your hotel to prospective clients with an easy to navigate tour. A panorama camera like the VR Drive allows you to create an interactive virtual tour quickly and efficiently. Impeccable definition and capture mean that no detail is left to chance. Our VR Drive is the only VR robot in the market capable of controlling a camera via USB, thus achieving unlimited dynamic range for HDR imagery. Thanks to an integrated workflow with xml files even the stitching of difficult environments without features is straightforward with this panorama camera. In landscape photography and virtual tour work, speed is vitally important and the VR Drive panorama camera is the perfect tool for maximum productivity.

Explore other panorama camera options like the Roundshot VR Drive Metric or the Roundshot D3 at today. Please contact us directly for further information or if you would like to discuss a Roundshot panorama camera in further detail.

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