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Panorama head: capture images as quickly and reliably as possible

Compose panoramic images with ease with a flexible VR Drive panorama head. A panorama head is a great help when it comes to capture images as quickly and reliably as possible. Most importantly, the Roundshot panorama head makes it possible to automate the process from A to Z, using advanced techniques such as HDR bracketing, VR Drive exposure meter, automatic image grouping and xml file stitching. The programs of the panorama head can be locked through a simplified interface so that even inexperienced users can work efficiently with the VR Drive. Moreover, it is possible to remote control the VR Drive panorama head using a wifi router by which the contents of the VR Drive touch screen are transmitted to any wifi device. These advanced automation possibilities make a Roundshot panorama head the first choice for professional VR photographers and CGI artists.

Choose the most technologically advanced panorama head in the market

Every panorama head manufactured by Roundshot has been carefully developed and made to the highest specifications. The Roundshot VR Drive is the most technologically advanced panorama head on the market. It is the only VR robot capable of controlling the exposure, aperture, ISO and many more settings of a digital camera via USB, thus allowing far reaching options for HDR bracketing and for gigapixel images. Thanks to this USB connection, the panorama head writes information into the images for automatic image grouping and xml creation in the Roundshot Image Bundler. These advantages combined make this panorama head an excellent investment for years to come. Choose a Roundshot panorama head and you're investing in the most advanced technology as well as that world famous Swiss precision and attention to detail.

A panorama head as diverse as its users

A panorama head needs to respond to a variety of ideas and potential applications for its users. This is exactly why the Roundshot VR Drive panorama head is in a class of its own. It can create cylindrical and spherical panoramas, record smooth video sequences, capture the images for a timelapse movie, shoot thousands of images for a gigapixel project or create extensive bracketing series to compose 32-bit HDR images. The software of the VR Drive panorama head is in constant evolution, integrating new customer ideas in every new software release while extending the database of cameras with new models over time. Yes – of course – all owners of a VR Drive panorama head have access to our “club”, from where they can download VR Drive software updates and the Roundshot Image Bundler free of charge.

Explore the full range of Roundshot panorama head solutions today at You will find more information and detailed panorama head specifications as well as a wide choice of additional equipment and software. Can't find the panorama head you are looking for? Do feel free to contact us by telephone or email. Our friendly team will be happy to explain the range of panorama head solutions or offer helpful suggestions and advice to guide you in your purchase decision.

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