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We take the VR Panorama to a new level

With our Roundshot products such as the VR Drive, the VR Drive Metric or the Roundshot D3 we take the VR Panorama to a new level. The VR Drive is compatible with any digital camera with release cable and can be used for both cylindrical and spherical VR panorama images. Roundshot is at the forefront of the latest developments in VR photography and our flexible products will give you pleasure for many years to come.

Reliable and flexible - the best in VR panorama

Virtual reality photography is bigger than ever and the techniques to create a VR panorama are continually adapting. A VR panorama is often created for stadium photography or to create virtual tours to add an interactive aspect for travel sites. That’s where our Roundshot VR Drive can make a crucial difference by allowing a large variety of VR panorama formats, high reliability and versatility. This is the reason why more and more CGI professionals, VR panorama experts and 3D artists choose Roundshot.

Maximum automation for VR panoramas – with the Roundshot VR Drive Metric

The Roundshot VR Drive Metric, is a VR panorama robot providing photographers with a 200 million pixel HDR sphere created through an automated workflow from A to Z. This dedicated VR panorama machine detects light levels automatically and alters exposures to suit the scene. HDR panoramas with 3 or 5 bracketed images are captured reliably and stitched together in FOVEX PanoMaker without any user intervention. It is the ultimate tool to create VR panoramas, allowing a very high productivity to meet strict deadlines with ease.

VR panorama equipment for the future

Roundshot combines firsthand knowledge of VR panorama work with Swiss precision to offer CGI professionals and VR panorama photographers a range of tools that really work. Spherical and cylindrical panoramas can be captured up to gigapixel definition, allowing images with incredible depth and detail. The Roundshot VR Drive is the only VR panorama robot in the market capable of controlling the camera for unlimited bracketing and dynamic range. Our Roundshot VR panorama equipment is ideally suited for applications as diverse as virtual tours, street mapping, fine art, 32-bit HDRs (CGI) and many more.

VR panoramas – from pixels to 3D

But not only that: Our products are also ideal for the emerging trade of 3D artists. We at Seitz currently see a fusion between VR panorama photography and 3D, a convergence between pixels and point clouds. The Roundshot VR Drive Metric is a VR panorama tool that opens an array of new possibilities. It captures a high definition spherical panorama in perfect geometry which can then be used as input for any 3D model or to create a pixel point cloud for 3D measurements.

Get in touch with us to find out more about VR panoramas

The sky is the limit with Roundshot VR panorama equipment. You will enjoy accurate, high-definition capture that you can really rely on when time is limited. Choose the right VR panorama tool for your needs from our varied range of products at www.roundshot.com. Visit our website to find out more about VR panorama equipment or contact us by telephone or email. We will be happy to answer queries regarding Roundshot VR panorama solutions and will be there for you to customise your camera package to fully fit your needs.

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