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Webcam 360 has changed the way we look at our world today

Webcam 360 photography and image capture has changed the way we look at our world today and Roundshot is at the forefront of these developments. As the 21st century gets well underway, website visitors expect full-screen imagery and a high level of responsiveness and interaction for webcam 360 installations. Besides, we rely on webcam 360 equipment for everything from tourist destination marketing to 360 degree project documentations. Roundshot webcam 360 equipment is used by clients around the globe in many sectors and is the perfect choice for e-marketing professionals with high expectations.

Get to know our webcam 360 equipment

Roundshot webcam 360 products like our Roundshot Livecam lead the way. The Roundshot Livecam is considered to be the most advanced webcam 360 in the world and offers Livecam owners a completely automated and worry-free method of operation. This versatile webcam 360 can be combined with powerful, state-of-the-art software for optimised performance. Roundshot is the brand of Seitz, and this flexible webcam 360 is a terrific illustration of the Swiss precision and attention to detail that the company has built its reputation on. The most durable, high-quality materials have been used to create a weatherproof casing that enables the webcam 360 to work beautifully in any climate. No matter what the temperature, no matter how harsh conditions are, this impeccably designed webcam 360 will operate like clockwork - the Swiss way. In fact, the Roundshot Livecam webcam 360 is used all over the world by corporate clients and local tourism bodies. It offers crystal clear definition and high definition webcam 360 panoramas up to 66 million pixels.

The webcam 360 - an international success story

The Roundshot Livecam webcam 360 is a truly international player. Used in sectors such as tourism, corporate communications, construction site monitoring and weather control, the webcam 360 plays a vital role in the world today. In Switzerland alone, the webcam 360 is used in schools, hospitals and museums as a communication tool and to monitor weather conditions in both urban and rural or high-mountain areas. You will be joining webcam 360 users all over the world who rely on Roundshot products for their security and peace of mind. Switzerland's ski resorts are world famous and many of them use a Livecam by Roundshot to record high resolution images every few minutes. This enables skiers and winter sport fans to display current snow conditions and allows mountain athletes and hikers to plan outings with ease. You will find Roundshot webcam 360 cameras in resorts all over Europe and in Australia, the US and Canada.

The Livecam webcam 360 is used extensively in the tourism sector to boost web traffic and resort sales. It is also invaluable to construction sites, hospitals and cities that would like to document their surroundings over time. Whatever your business or sector, the Roundshot webcam 360 equipment is a powerful tool to enhance visibility and brand image. Why not take a quick look at You will find more information on this exceptional webcam 360 product - the trusted choice of Livecam clients all over the world.

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