Several hundreds of megapixels in just a few seconds? Processing many high resolution raw images to get excellent results quickly and efficiently? Discover the power of our D3 capture program and D3 raw conversion software.




Built for easy viewing of images and maximum convenience, our D3 capture software is an important tool to create perfect panoramas. First of all, we give maximum space to the panorama image with scrolling possibilities for long images and the option to display the full image. Secondly, the most often used camera control functions such as choice of lens, exposure options, format, TDI stages, ISO/ASA and white balance are grouped together for quick access. Important capture parameters are displayed to the right and include possible shift distance of the Seitz D3 digital scan back, capture time for the image as well as file type, resolution and size. 


Advanced features are accessible in the settings menu which can be flexibly expanded and collapsed.

This menu is very complete - just a few highlights:

  • optimisation parameters for raw (dng) workflow or direct saving into RGB (jpg, tiff)
  • lens options and "favourites list"
  • advanced camera control such as light frequency correction
  • camera IP settings, network connections, GPS settings 
  • D3 scheduler program for time controlled jobs, ideal for timelapse
  • D3 bracketing menu for flexible variation of exposures, often used for 32-bit HDR
  • selection of language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese


Back in the studio the processing of raw images starts. We designed the D3 raw converter software to follow a natural workflow, from loading the dng raw files, over to precise white balance and colour optimisation, tone-curve, sharpening and denoising to saving options, batch processing and profiling. All menus can be collapsed/expanded with a simple click to customise the view.


Again, let's just look at the most important features:

  • start menu with practical thumbnail preview, directories and complete metadata of loaded image
  • zoom loupes and % menu, toggle tool, white balance pipette, optimisation loupe, cropping tool for flexible framing of the panorama
  • white balancing details (temperature, tint, saturation), tone mapping options, HSL tool for various colour channels
  • tone mapping curve for all three or each channel individually
  • optimisation menu for sharpening, denoising and special colour denoising filter
  • saving options (tiff, jpg, 16-bit, 8-bit), ICC profile and size of final image
  • queue feature for efficient non-stop processing of files during idle times
  • batch processing of images according to preset profiles
  • language options English, German, French, Italian and Chinese

Image: Patrick Jantet (