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Seitz D3 digital scan back

Manufacturer DALSA Corporation exclusive for Seitz
Type TDI
Stages Multiple for sensitivity control
Vertical resolution
- Seitz D3
- Seitz D3-2500

7,500 pixels (60mm)
2,500 pixels (60mm)
Pixel size 8 x 8 µ
Dynamic range 11 f-stops
Anti-Blooming > 1,000x



Seitz 6x17 Digital

Manufacturer Seitz Phototechnik AG
- on Seitz lens board
- on adaptor

Large format lenses by Seitz/Schneider
Linhof 617 or Fuji 617 large format lenses
Focal lengths from 90mm to 250mm, 150mm macro option
Shift +/- 15mm shift of lens directly on camera body
Image size
- Seitz 6x17 Digital
- Seitz 6x17 Digital 2500

7,500 x 21,250 pixels (60mm x 170mm)
2,500 x 7,083 pixels

Total resolution
- Seitz 6x17 Digital
- Seitz 6x17 Digital 2500

160 million pixels
18 million pixels
File sizes at 6x17
- Seitz 6x17 Digital
- Seitz 6x17 Digital 2500

raw (16-bit): 307 MB, tiff (48-bit): 922 MB
raw (16-bit): 102 MB, tiff (48-bit): 307 MB

Time for 6x17 scan 1 second at full resolution
Exposure range from 1/2000 sec. to 10 seconds
Exposure control automatic or manual exposure
Sensitivity control by selection of TDI stages (1x, 2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x) or by
ISO/ASA (100, 200, 400, 800)
File formats raw (dng), tiff, jpeg  
Camera body*
- dimensions
- weight

width: 465mm, height: 175mm, depth: 95mm
4.5 kg (camera 3.3 kg, Seitz D3 digital scan back: 0.6 kg, battery 0.6 kg)
Capture software Seitz Roundshot D3 capture software installed on 64-bit Mac or Windows computer  
Ideal capture computer Motion J3500 tablet PC with gigabit ethernet, fast SSD disks, back-lit LED screen for outdoor viewability
- dimensions: 323 x 231 x 23mm (13 x 9'' x 1'')
- weight: 1.8 kg
Raw conversion software Seitz Roundshot raw converter, Adobe camera raw/Photoshop, Lightroom, installed on 64-bit Mac or Windows computer  
Image transfer gigabit ethernet  
Power supply (camera) 12V 4.5A NiMh battery  
Battery charger 110-220V universal charger - plugs provided for EU, North America, UK, Australia, Asia  
Language support English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese

* Camera body without lens, without viewfinder and without computer

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