Slav Epic gigapixels by Jan William Drnek

This spring, Czech photographer Jan William Drnek created a fascinating gigapixel reproduction of Slav Epic, a cycle of 20 large canvases painted by Czech Art Nouveau painter Alfons Mucha between 1910 and 1928.


Watch the "making of" video here:


Inspired by the Sixtine Chapel gigapixel project of Ghigo Roli and Carlo Vannini - also created with the Roundshot VR Drive - Jan wanted to achieve a similar high resolution reproduction of a Czech artwork of similar size. In a core team consisting of his own family - his daughter Jana, his son Jan jr and his camera crew, and with the help of the conservator and restorer of Slav Epic - Tomás Berger, he created a 1:1 reproduction of the artwork. Jan completed his gigapixel production in just one month, whereas the original paint process by the artist took 18 years.

Alfons Mucha's masterpieces have taken a trip around the world and are currently exposed at the National Art Centre in Tokyo until 5 June 2017, where they are viewed by thousands of visitors. Thereafter, the Slav Epic paintings will return to the Czech Republic where they will find a new home in a modern pavillion in Prague.

Here is what Jan said during an interview:

"I have always made panoramas using a Manfrotto cubic manual head. Of course, its accuracy is limited - especially for very small viewing angles. Such shooting demands extreme attention, but the time we had was limited. My wife Janice supported me in my decision to splurge on the automatic head of my dreams - a Roundshot VR Drive, a top-level Swiss product. I must say that I have no regrets...".

Location: castle Zbiroh -


Congratulations to Jan and his team for this fantastic project!


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