Roundshot VR Drive - new software

It's early spring software release season at Roundshot and we are happy to introduce the new Roundshot VR Drive version 2.020.


This new VR Drive version includes some interesting updates, such as:    

  • automatic exposure with external light meter: possibility to measure throughout a panoramic sweep (up to 360°) to compute a mean exposure value
  • new option to move "back-to-start" after every row, allowing to unwind tethered cables such as chargers for long-term image capture
  • new floor patch option to create a floor image after the program sequence is complete that seamlessly integrates with future PTGUI version 11 "viewpoint correction"
  • image repeat - possibility to resume an entire program from a specific row/position, ideal for gigapixels
  • writing of image IDs using USB connection also for speed mode, ideal for gigapixel photography where every second counts
  • USB compatibility (USB release, USB features, HDR mode) for Sony A7R Mk III
  • a comprehensive collection of bug fixes

New Sony A7R Mk III - compatible with Roundshot VR Drive for USB control + HDR mode

The software update is available free of charge for all our VR Drive customers from our "club".

We wish all VR Drive customers continued pleasure with their roundshot gear.

Click on the image below to open Ralph Welling's fantastic Swiss gigapixel image, created with the Roundshot VR Drive:

Image: Ralph Welling / Switzerland (


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