New roundshot policies - GDPR

In response to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force on 25 May 2018, we have reviewed how we collect, process, protect and share information of our website visitors and customers.

Over the past weeks and months we have been working to ensure that we are ready to comply with GDPR in a variety of ways. On the one hand, we have updated our existing General Terms & Conditions and implemented a new Cookie Policy which is valid in general for all Roundshot IT tools.

General_Terms_Conditions  [194 KB]

Roundshot-cookies-policy  [160 KB]

Separately from that we introduced new Privacy Policies which we designed specifically to reflect the data collection patterns of our different IT platforms. Besides, we also introduced a new Livecam privacy feature to report the need for a one-time blur or for a permanent blur of Livecam images. Here is an overview of these new Policies one by one:

Our main website is designed to feature our range of panoramic products with the possibility to purchase them through our e-shop, present some of our customer's work in a gallery, update the public with news and provide general information about our distributors and our company. Also, our customers can subscribe to our club for product registration and free software downloads.

Roundshot-privacy-policy-www-roundshot-eshop-club  [219 KB]

Livecam IT tools - html5 + html4 websites, Roundshot Livecam Global + Roundshot Livecam app

These software tools display the panoramic imagery of our customers' Livecams for different media - on ordinary PCs/laptops as well as on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.
The privacy policy is displayed in the "legal" tab of our html5 website:

Roundshot-privacy-policy-frontend  [223 KB]

New Livecam reporting tool to request blurring

Our Livecams are set-up in such a way that no individuals or objects of individuals can be recognised by blurring certain areas of the image permanently. Should nevertheless a person be recognisable, it is possible to send us a one-time blurring request via the html5 software platform by placing a dot on the relevant area in the image. Also, it is possible to request a permanent blurring for private areas in the Livecam image, again by marking the area. Please note that in this case we will need to identify the person filing the request.

Livecam backend tool (CMS)

In our backend website our customers can customise their Livecam tools + websites and have a direct image data base and embedding code access.

Roundshot-privacy-policy-backend-CMS  [218 KB]

Livecam api website + new customer support website

Through our api tool our "sharing partners" can mass-download and distribute Livecam images of a certain market zone. Our new customer support site is being finalised and will soon be launched, offering a more complete customer credentials database, a new ticket system for Livecam service as well as an RMA system.

Roundshot-privacy-policy-Livecam-api  [216 KB]

Roundshot-privacy-policy-Livecam-support  [216 KB]

Roundshot Club - special provisions

More stringent data protection regulations make it necessary that we contact all club members individually to ask to confirm their subscription or to opt out subject to the new privacy policy. We are currently building a tool for automated processing of responses and will soon initiate the validation process. We are suspending newsletters until this process is complete.


All privacy policies took effect in mid April 2018 and have been available as downloads from our website since then. By 25 May 2018 we also made them available on our different IT platforms and will, as a next step, display them also one-by-one on the login pages of our Roundshot club, the Roundshot Livecam backend, the api as well as our new Livecam customer support service.

We are continuing to finetune and update our policies as new information from the regulator becomes available.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding your data or the new policies please contact us.

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