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360 degree camera: What do you expect?

What do you expect from a 360 degree camera? Are you looking for higher automation, flexibility and speed? Or does it mean the freedom to create unique images from any location? With a Roundshot 360 degree camera you get all that, and so much more, and you can see examples of some of the world's finest 360 degree camera equipment now at www.roundshot.com.

Discover the most advanced 360 degree camera

A Roundshot 360 degree camera is the first choice for professional photographers who seek exceptional quality and reliability. Every component of a Roundshot 360 degree camera has been individually carved from a single piece of aluminium using highly precise CNC machinery. A Roundshot 360 degree camera is then assembled by hand before being rigorously inspected, ensuring that it meets tough quality standards. It is this blend of Swiss precision and skilled workmanship that makes your Roundshot 360 degree camera exceptional. Seitz Roundshot 360 degree camera equipment makes your tasks simple - you can rely on precise image capture every time. Products like the Roundshot D3 360 degree camera or the Roundshot Livecam are world champions in speed and image quality – and are trusted by professionals in many sectors.

Take a closer look at a Roundshot 360 degree camera

When you choose Roundshot, not only are you investing in a premium 360 degree camera, you are choosing one of the most respected products in the industry. The Roundshot Livecam D2 is an excellent example of how a 360 degree camera is used in everyday situations. You will enjoy crystal-clear high definition of up to 66 million pixels with this 360 degree camera. Its multi-media image platform allows it to be used with modern web browsers in html5 or html4 or with iPhone or iPad as well as Android devices for ultimate mobile connectivity. The Roundshot Livecam D2 is the most advanced webcam in the world. This exclusive 360 degree camera can be used in any climate or weather conditions from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon rainforest. Make your 360 degree camera a powerful marketing tool with optional design features like logos or banner sponsors. Whatever your expectations for a 360 degree camera may be, you can count on Roundshot to help you reach your goals.

The Roundshot Livecam is just one 360 degree camera in our range. Have also a look at our Roundshot D3, a 360 degree camera with super fast image capture. Whatever your individual 360 degree camera requirements are, be certain to find the perfect solution with Roundshot. Visit www.roundshot.com today to learn more about our 360 degree camera line or contact our professional team by email or phone if you have specific queries.

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