Seitz has built some strong networks with customers, suppliers, associations and academia.

Alpa Capaul & Weber AG

One of the world's most prestigious camera brands - reborn! Alpa is Seitz' most important single customer. The company is owned and managed by Thomas Weber, Ursula Capaul + André Oldani in Zurich / Switzerland:

>>> Alpa website

Computechnic AG

Rotating a camera 360° at very high precision and reliability? Developing communication protocols to control a digital camera? Computechnic is our partner for electronics development and helps us bridge the way from an idea to the final camera hardware.


Seitz Roundshot has been a sponsor of the International VR Photographers Association for many years. The IVRPA is a community and a thinktank developing new concepts and techniques in the world of 360° VR photography. The IVRPA organises annual conferences which serve as a platform to generate new ideas and exchange feedback.


In the past, Seitz conducted several research projects with Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in the field of image processing and colour management. EPFL is one of the leading universities worldwide in computer vision and signal processing.

Image: Livecam Glacier 3000 / Gstaad 3000 AG (