Out of the case, on the tripod, go! The VR holder has been conceived specifically for one camera. Centering the camera and nodal point adjustments are history.


Full frame DSLR camera with wide-angle lens allowing rich detail

The Roundshot Metric uses a Nikon D750 – a full-frame DSLR camera equipped with a 20mm lens. This 24 megapixel camera provides high sensitivity and best image quality even under difficult lighting conditions.

Fully automated image capture

Select the program (with or without HDR) and press start. Leave the rest to the machine. The Roundshot Metric programs can be customized and are locked to ensure that operating the device is easy and completely worry-free.

Built to last

True to its reputation, the Roundshot Metric is built with finest materials – made in Switzerland. All parts are machined from aluminum and withstand tough climatic challenges.


Compact + lightweight with many hours of battery life

We built the Roundshot Metric for those 3D professionals who are constantly on the move. With its limited weight and compact dimensions it fits into a small case (41 x 33 x 23 cm / 16 x 13 x 9 inches) and can be taken virtually anywhere. The camera and Metric batteries are connected to each other, enabling enhanced battery life and simple charging.


With its wireless remote control the Roundshot device transmits its screen content to any mobile device or computer equipped with wifi. This is ideal to control program sequences remotely, but can also be used to create new programs or to edit the settings of a program.


On a smart phone, a tablet, on a laptop or even on a large computer screen: controlling the Roundshot device via wifi is a very practical feature. Especially when having the Roundshot Metric installed on top of a mast or some other inaccessible location, the wifi remote control allows projects which would otherwise not be possible.

Assign a fixed IP to the Roundshot Metric and the connecting device and connect to the wireless router which is built into the hardware. Alternatively, it is also possible to use an ethernet cable to create the access between Roundshot Metric and computer device. 

Image: Christian Balistreri (www.roundshot.com)