The Roundshot Metric workflow: 360° spheres in no time!


Built for ultimate speed and precision, the Roundshot Metric device captures a scene through high resolution spherical panoramas. These spheres are stitched in PTGUI or AutoPano Giga stitching software.

Roundshot Metric

This panorama device equipped with a professional Nikon D750 camera and 20mm lens creates 15 images distributed in a sphere. It operates fully automatically and reliably.

Processing times

Image capture outdoors (daylight):

  • normal mode (15 images): 50 seconds
  • HDR mode (for example 3x15 images): 2 minutes 25 seconds

Image stitching software

These 15 images (or multiples of 15 for HDR) are then processed in PTGUI or AutoPano Giga to create 180x360° spherical images with a resolution of 231 million pixels (10,752 x 21,504).

Processing times in PTGUI

  • normal mode: 3 minutes
  • 32-bit HDR panorama (bracketing of 3 images): 4 - 5 minutes

Image: Christian Balistreri (