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FOVEX Metric

Camera compatibility Nikon D750
Lens Nikkor 20mm lens
Resolution 231 million pixels (10,752 x 21,504 pixels)
Min. time for image capture without bracketing (15 images): 50 seconds
with HDR bracketing (3x15 images): 2 minute 25 seconds
Min. time for stitching without bracketing (15 images): 3 minutes
with HDR bracketing (3x15 images): 4-5 minutes
Exposure control automatic by integrated Roundshot light meter
Wifi remote control built in wifi router for transfer of Roundshot Metric screen contents to smart phones or computer devices
Image transfer images stored in flash card in camera
Weight 3.7 kg (Roundshot Metric with Nikon D750, lens and batteries)
Dimensions width: 205 mm, height: 270 mm, depth: 160 mm
Power supply 2x battery pack LP-E6 for both Roundshot Metric and Nikon camera
both connected inside Roundshot Metric to supply camera and Roundshot Metric
Battery autonomy several hours  
Battery charger battery charger LCE-6E  
Modes quality, HDR
Language support English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian
Software features simplified (locked) software interface for easy control
can be unlocked to access full Roundshot software interface

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