remote control

Plug + play. Control all VR Drive features remotely by wireless connection.


With its wireless remote control the VR Drive transmits its screen content to any mobile device or computer equipped with wifi. This is ideal to control VR Drive program sequences remotely, but can also be used to create new programs or to edit the settings of a program.

On a smart phone, a tablet, on a laptop or even on a large computer screen: controlling the VR Drive via wifi is a very practical feature. Especially when having the VR Drive installed on top of a mast or some other inaccessible location, the VR Drive remote control allows projects which would otherwise not be possible.

Connect the wireless router into the VR Drive ethernet socket, assign a fixed IP to the VR Drive and the connecting device and connect to the wireless router. Alternatively, it is also possible to use an ethernet cable to create the access between VR Drive and computer device.

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