The VR Drive software modes have been designed with one goal in mind: making the work of the photographer simple and productive. Explore the unlimited VR Drive software possibilites!

The VR Drive software - built to make your life easier! 


Program Wizard

Conceived for easy programming, the VR Drive Program Wizard enables setting up new programs, deleting, copying or moving them. The creation of new programs is very intuitive thanks to the step-by-step guide. All programs can be easily accessed and browsed through while allowing access to all main program parameters. 

Image calculator

The days of calculating the rows and images for a panorama are over. Thanks to its image calculator, the VR Drive computes all rows with their elevation and images automatically. The size of the image sensor, focal length and % overlap between images are the variables influencing this calculation. Of course all rows can be accessed and edited manually. 

Programming possibilities

All parameters of a program can be directly accessed in the VR Drive edit menu.The programming possibilities are almost unlimited and include, for example, center and nodal point, horizontal and vertical angle, overlap, rows (elevation, images), speeds, pause, repeat, timer, acceleration, bracketing, mirror pre-release and much more.

Language support

Good morning, guten Tag, bonjour, buon giorno, buenos dias, bom dia, nihao and konnichiwa.  Because the VR Drive adapts to your local language, creating new panoramas is comfortable and fun.


Free software updates

Together with our customers we continue to make the VR Drive better and more complete. Linked to the purchase of a VR Drive is the access to our "Club" with the possibility to download new software updates anytime and anywhere. 

Upgrade of software modes

Try it - love it - upgrade it! Additional software modes can be purchased anytime and can be activated in the VR Drive simply by entering a new software key. Or test a new software mode with a temporary software key before purchasing it.

Camera database

Over 170 digital cameras and digital backs are compatible with the VR Drive. All of them are stored in the VR Drive camera database and can be added to the "favourites list" by a few clicks on the touch screen. We continuously update and expand the database with new cameras as they become available.

VR Drive xml file

Having trouble stitching a uniform sky or a wall without natural features? Not with the VR Drive! Its Papywizard xml file defines all image positions accurately. After importing it into AutoPano or PTGUI stitching software, the xml file helps allocating all images in the exact sequence they were captured. No more gaps - pure joy.  

VR Drive program back-up

A second xml file is defined in the Seitz format and exports all program settings on the roundshot USB stick. This data back-up is helpful to avoid data-loss in the event of a reset or for sharing programs among users.


No other automated VR head is as universal and versatile than the Roundshot VR Drive.

Choose from six VR Drive software modes, each designed for a specific task:


The VR Drive quality mode - highest precision for professional results!

With the camera being stopped in every position, quality mode represents the base functionality for panoramas up to 360° (or more). This mode is ideal for panoramas with difficult lighting conditions (indoors) and for bracketing series.


The VR Drive speed mode - advanced speed opening new possibilities!

In speed mode the camera rotates non-stop, which makes it possible to capture moving scenes. As a rule of thumb, the required shutter speed for a 6 second 360° rotation is 1/1500 sec. or faster.


The VR Drive turntable mode - creates 360° object movies quickly and reliably!

In turntable mode the camera captures images of a rotating object on a turntable for object movies. A special, larger turntable is also available for oversized objects. Never miss an image, perfect positioning!


The VR Drive timelapse mode - opening endless possibilities for virtual reality!

Through the timelapse mode the VR Drive releases a sequence of images which are then composed into a timelapse movie. Two capture formats are possible: 360° rotation or linear movement along a rail.  


The VR Drive video mode - a "must-have" for every video professional!

Designed for smooth automated video sweeps in the horizontal (x) and vertical (y) direction, the VR Drive video mode enables a variety of advanced control functions such as speed (also very slow), pause, repeat and ramp for any x/y points in the 360° space.


The VR Drive HDR mode - 32-bit HDRs made simple!

Digital SLR cameras have a bracketing range limited to +/- 2 f-stops which is insufficient for 32-bit HDR photography. The VR Drive HDR mode overcomes this limitation by controlling the camera software directly and allowing much wider bracketing options. It is an "all-in-one" solution - no additional devices are needed.

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