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Roundshot VR Drive

Camera compatibility any digital camera with shutter release cable or video camera
Lens brands any
Focal length  from fisheye (8mm) to very long tele lens (> 1,000mm)
Min. time for image capture example speed mode (1 row, 360°): 6 seconds
Exposure control by camera and optionally by VR Drive (USB)
Image transfer flash card on camera
Image grouping with Roundshot Image Bundler for USB-compatible Nikon and Canon cameras
xml file created automatically with Roundshot Image Bundler for USB-compatible Nikon and Canon cameras or can be created manually by exporting xml from VR Drive with USB key
Weight 2.7 kg (VR Drive x-motor, VR bracket, y-motor, motor connection cable, release cable)
Maximum weight on VR Drive 20 kg (44 lb)
Dimensions VR Drive full: width: 230mm, height: 440mm, depth: 70mm
Power supply Li-Ion batteries (rechargeable)
Battery autonomy 7 hours non-stop (speed mode), under normal operating conditions 1 week  
Battery charger 110-220V universal charger - plugs provided for EU, North America, UK, Australia, Asia  
Modes quality, speed, turntable, timelapse, video, HDR
Language support English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian
Software features camera information, camera, focal length, nodal points (A/B), angle mode (cylindrical, spherical, manual, visual), X angle, Y angle, overlap, camera orientation, rows (elevation/images), sequence, X speed, Y speed, release time, pause before/after, repetition, timer, acceleration, bracketing, manual release, mirror prerelease, direction of rotation, lens type (normal, fisheye), video points, HDR bracketing (medium exposure, bracketing steps, images, HDR table) general settings, camera database + favourites list, presets, etc.

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