Our new mobile apps are fun to play with and set new standards in how people interact with webcam images.

mobile apps (IOS + android)

Our new, playful apps provide a wealth of camera filtering and display options.

They offer a great marketing potential for our Livecam customers to promote a resort, a region, a city, an airport or company.

Two apps are available for download for IOS and android smartphones and tablets:

Roundshot Livecam - activated with customer-specific key.

This app includes all Livecams/instances relevant for one customer.


Roundshot Livecam Global - no activation key

This app includes all Roundshot Livecams worldwide.


The activation code for the customer-specific app corresponds to the first part of the Livecam URL, for example:

  • -> juratourisme
  • -> laax
  • -> villars



When loading a Livecam, its most up-to-date image is displayed in its full length, providing the user with a quick overview.


By using typical smart phone gestures, zoom in up to 100% of the original image!



This filter loads all relevant Livecams in a map. Click on a Livecam icon to view the images.

around me

By entering a perimeter around your current location, the app loads all available Livecams in a list.

list by

Through this feature the app displays all Livecams of a certain country/region or lists all Livecams of a certain category (for example airports, cities, construction sites, corporates, harbors, hospitals, hotels...)


This filter gives the user quick access to those Livecams which have previously been marked as "favorites" - using the "heart" icon in the list of cameras

most popular

In this view the Livecams are ranked according to accesses throughout all media (web, mobile, html4, etc.).


In this area our Livecam customers can add specific links to promote their products, website or events.



html4 fallback version

When entering an URL in the browser of a smart phone or a tablet, the Livecam content software automatically loads an html4 website with reduced features optimised for mobile browsing.

On a semi-transparent window the link to download the mobile app is also displayed. The user has the option to go to the app store or google play to download the app and activate it with a customer-specific key.

Image: Livecam Anzère - Pistes / Switzerland