The screensaver program is a great promotion tool for our Livecam customers. It can also be used for a network of screens or for broadcasting the images on television.

The screensaver program builds on the same logic as the mobile apps: one customer-specific version (activated by code) and one global version (without code).

When the computer is idle, our screensaver loads the most up-to-date Livecam images on the computer, displaying them full-screen with logos, sponsors, optional hotspots and ticker text.

The screensaver program is
available for download
for Mac or Windows
computers (64-bit):

activated with customer key

This screensaver includes all Livecams/instances relevant for one customer.



global screensaver
no activation key required

This screensaver includes all Roundshot Livecams worldwide.



The activation code for the customer-specific screensaver program corresponds to the first part of the Livecam URL, for example:

  • -> juratourisme
  • -> laax
  • -> villars

screensaver features:


  • customer logo on top left
  • display of sponsors on bottom-left or top-right corner of the screen
  • optional ticker text
  • optional hot spots
  • new "best shots mode" - displaying the best images per Livecam instead of up-to-date images
  • new "offline mode" - loading images from local storage instead of online

Image: Livecam Anzère - Pistes / Switzerland