Our application programming interface is a powerful tool for our sharing partners to access Livecam images through an automated download stream.

The overarching idea for image sharing is to promote the Livecams of our customers through additional distribution channels. Our Livecam customers can choose among four levels of promotion in the backend CMS system:

  • mentioning of location only (typically already sufficient for a tourist destination or to promote a region)
  • mentioning of location + customer name
  • mentioning of location, customer name + adding an https backlink
  • no sharing

The higher the promotion level, the more Livecam customers agree to the sharing of their image content and therefore the larger the pool of available images.

On the other hand, sharing partners define the promotion level they can offer when embedding the Livecam images in their app or website. So, for example, when offering "location only", they will have access to a stream of images of those Livecam customers that agree to "location only", but not to all other Livecam images.

As a result, the api works like a market place with supply (Livecam customers) and demand (sharing partners) - if there is a match of promotion levels and market regions, the access to Livecam images is automatically granted.

Sharing partners sign a contract with Seitz that gives them a non-exclusive right to use the Livecam images for their application. When setting up such contracts, Seitz evaluates the sharing partner application and accepts only those that ensure a significant promotion effect.

Through the api, the server of the sharing partner gets white-listed and a market region is assigned to the account. Once this is set up, the sharing partner can create api requests by filtering cameras using different parameters such as region, category, format, bestshot, status, date_from, date_to, size etc. The roundshot server then returns the following results (example):

Do you have an interesting platform for image sharing which creates an additional branding and promotion benefit for our Livecam customers? Then please apply here:

apply as Livecam sharing partner

Image: Livecam Anzère - Pistes / Switzerland