A high resolution panorama of up to 66 million pixels for the web? This is now possible with our web interface. It combines the beautiful Livecam image with a wealth of captivating features which make the Livecam visit a truly exceptional experience.

Our Roundshot Livecam website is coded entirely in html5 with state-of-the-art techniques. This fresh new design gives maximum space to what matters most: the image.

Visit our Livecam reference installations and start your journey into the world of 360° high definition panoramas:


customer content


When sliding the mouse over the "info" button, the customer content on the left part of the screen opens, displaying the following information:

  • customer logo on the top
  • camera name
  • drop-down list with all cameras of the customer
  • about and contact information
  • GPS coordinates of the camera
  • copyright (images, web technology)

How will your Livecam visitors get in touch? Contact - imprint - about - for contact information, legal indications and some background information about the Livecam installation.

feature tool bar


On the right hand side of the screen, the feature tool bar gives access to a variety of captivating Livecam functionalities, which include:

  • viewing and compass direction
  • zoom slider
  • full screen
  • language selection
  • map
  • ecard
  • archive
  • best shots
  • timelapse
  • weather
  • hotspots
  • links
  • social media sharing (facebook + twitter)


The compass symbol shows directions and the current viewing angle. By hovering over the compass symbol the North-East-South-West directions are superposed over the image.

full screen

By activating the full screen mode, all menu items disappear except for customer and sponsor logos and the zoom bar. It is still possible to flip through images by using the toolbox buttons.

language selection

Welcome! Willkommen! Benvenidos! Tervetuloa! Soyez les bienvenus! Benvenuti! The Livecam website automatically welcomes any visitor in the language of the visitor's operating system.



Where exactly is the Livecam located? Click on the overview map to show the exact camera position and current viewing angle. The map also contains other Livecams owned by the same customer.


Share a precious moment by sending an image link by ecard to your friends and family. The ecard feature has become an important media for our customers and generates additional traffic and new visitors.


Browse through the history of images by using the image carousel or by gliding over the timeline to create a timelapse effect... Display the images of an entire day, a week, a month, six months or even a year to follow the change in seasons. Download any panorama using the download link.

best shots

Every once in a while the light, the clouds, the colours and the scene are just perfect for a panorama - and the Livecam will capture it. These special images are marked as best shots which are accessible in a separate gallery.


Create a time lapse animation of the images of the last 24 hours, last week, month or year - or any desired period - by clicking on the time lapse feature. This movie can be loaded as a web-display or downloaded as an .mp4 file. The timelapse video function is the perfect tool to document a scene over longer periods of time, for construction sites or for destination marketing.


Webcam visitors often want to see current weather conditions through a live image and a weather forecast over the next few days. Our Livecam web interface shows both in one nicely designed interface! Our weather data service provides a three day forecast for a Livecam location based on its GPS data. The overall weather situation, low and high temperatures, precipitation (rain or snow) as well as wind speed and direction are displayed through icons and as data.

hot spots

With our hotspots feature labelling the best views and points of interests has become very simple. They display interesting viewpoints within the panorama with a coloured symbol - which can be linked to external websites or embedded videos.Hundreds of hot spot icon symbols are available in our library. Create links to mountain tops, cable cars, partner hotels, or sponsors.


Did we miss any important aspect of your online strategy? Not a problem - create any additional feature link on the Livecam web portal either with the link symbol or as a text link in the sponsor banner below.

social media


Website visitors can share the beauty of a particular panorama - current or from the past - in facebook or twitter. Your Livecam goes viral in no time.


By sliding the mouse over the toolbox, the user can change the rotation direction and rotation speed, launch a timelapse of the last 24 hours and change it's speed, download any time with the "arrow down" button or browse in the archive with the buttons left/right and "most recent image". 

ticker text

Keep your website visitors always up-to-date with the latest news thanks to the eye-catching ticker text which runs on the bottom of the website page. Announce new events, the opening of a season, a special celebration or opening hours... the texts can be coded in html and allow free choice of colours and links to emails or external websites.


Involve sponsors by adding their logos on the top-right, bottom left or in the sponsor banner.

These logos can be linked back to the sponsor websites and can be displayed in an alternating fashion within a rolling banner.

They will be  displayed on all Livecam media (web, html4, mobile apps + screensaver), allowing a maximum visibility and consistency for your sponsoring strategy.

multiple websites (instances)

Creating a separate web template for different sponsors?

Not a problem, one Livecam can deliver the images for multiple websites (instances), each with their own logos, links, hotspots and features.

Using multiple websites makes it possible to co-finance a Livecam and share the investment among several partners.

Image: Livecam Anzère - Pistes / Switzerland