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Roundshot Livecam

Sensor type 3-linear RGB sensor
Vertical resolution 2,048 pixels
Dynamic range 9 f-stops
Lens brand  Canon
Focal length from 18mm to 55mm - longer focals on request
Horizontal resolution for example with 72mm lens: 32,313 pixels 
Total resolution  2,048 x 32,313 pixels = 66 million pixels
File type jpg
Min. time for a 360° scan  with 24mm lens: 6 seconds
Exposure times  from 1/333 sec. to 10 seconds (per pixel)
Exposure options automatic with prescan, automatic with variation, prescan with variation, manual
Sensitivity control  ISO/ASA 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800
Image format  adjustable vertically and horizontally: automatic/remote control of focal, focus, f-stop + vertical tilt
Image angle from 1° to 360° in 1° steps
Housing*  dimensions: height: 310mm (12.2 inches), diameter: 188mm (7.4 inches)
weight: 5.0 kg
Camera control with integrated mini-computer running Linux OS
Image saving
on SD card (standard size: 32 GB, larger capacities available)
Web connectivity
DSL (ethernet/RJ45) via router/switch, optional wifi, 3G/4G cellular network (optional)
External power supply  110-220V, 24V mains adaptor
Hardware  high resolution 360° camera in weatherproof case, connection cable ethernet (any length) and power (max. 30m), mains adaptor (power), professional Canon zoom lens 18-55mm, optional video camera
Software Roundshot Livecam capture software, Roundshot Image Uploader, Roundshot web service (data plan) including webhosting, html5/html4 website, smartphone + tablet apps, screensaver software, partner websites, weather module, remote maintenance
Additional accessories  See price list

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Image: Livecam Anzère - Pistes / Switzerland