Price Lists 2018 + Livecam Conditions February 21, 2018
We are happy to present our 2018 price lists which have received a few updates in the accessories sections.

Farewell D3! February 20, 2018
Our stock of Roundshot D3 and Seitz 6x17 Digital cameras is sold-out and we discontinue these two models, making room for new developments.

Happy New Year! January 01, 2018
We wish all of you lots of drive for 2018!

Seasons Greetings from roundshot! December 22, 2017
The entire team at Seitz wishes you and your families a wonderful holiday season and all the best for loading the New Year!

New Livecam apps for Android + IOS! December 18, 2017
Our Roundshot Livecam + Roundshot Livecam Global app have been expanded with additional features and have gone through a general maintenance.

Presenting our Livecam sharing partners December 14, 2017
We welcome our new Livecam sharing partners on our roundshot api platform, a powerful interface enabling automated image downloads.

New VR Drive software 2.019 December 01, 2017
Our new VR Drive software version 2.019 is now ready for download and brings some powerful new features.

Fascinating Livecam winter scenes November 14, 2017
With the first snow our Livecams capture some fascinating winter scenes!

Our happy VR Drive winners September 29, 2017
One month after our Prize Draw the winners have collected their prize at our factory in Lustdorf.

Livecam first winter images! September 18, 2017
Winter is coming in big steps and our network of Roundshot Livecams have captured their first snow images.

Prize Draw - and the winners are... September 01, 2017
Our Roundshot Survey and Prize Draw ended on 31 August 2017 and we are happy to announce some results and of course the two lucky winners!

Solar eclipse - shot with VR Drive August 24, 2017
German-American photographer Udo Lütze created a nice solar eclipse timelapse using a Roundshot VR Drive with Nikon DSLR + 400mm lens.

New Livecams Rochers de Naye + Säntis! August 15, 2017
A few days ago, the new Livecams on top of MOB - Rochers de Naye - and Säntis went online.

News from Kazakhstan July 11, 2017
A set of new impressive new panorama images has reached us from Farkhat Kabdykairov from the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Roundshot Survey + Prize Draw June 27, 2017
We are happy to announce the Roundshot Survey + Prize Draw for which all participants who choose to register can win an attractive prize.

Discover our new Livecam locations! June 02, 2017
Since the beginning of this year the Seitz team has been busy installing new Livecams in a variety of beautiful new locations.

Slav Epic gigapixels by Jan William Drnek May 04, 2017
This spring, Czech photographer Jan William Drnek created a fascinating gigapixel reproduction of Slav Epic, a cycle of 20 large canvases painted by Czech Art Nouveau painter Alfons Mucha between 1910

Seitz Roundshot - new address! April 10, 2017
Our town has modified the name of our street, this is why our address has changed as follows.

VR Drive software + compatibility update April 05, 2017
Today, we released VR Drive software version 2.018 with long-awaited compatibility upgrades for new camera arrivals such as the Canon EOS 5D Mk IV + Nikon D5.

VR Drive in icy depths! March 31, 2017
Swiss photographer Urs Wyss of Avocado360 with his teammates Dominik Osswald, Christian Mühlhauser and the interactive Team at Tages Anzeiger have created a fascinating 360° documentary of

Photo & Video Trade Fair Luxemburg March 29, 2017
Our Dutch distributor all4 will be presenting the Roundshot range of products at the annual Photo & Video Trade Fair of Luxemburg.

New price lists + delivery options March 27, 2017
We are continuously upgrading our delivery service and have been working with our logistics partners to develop new delivery options.

Québec in 4.5 billion pixels! January 28, 2017
Québec-City based photographer Luc Villeneuve created this amazing high-definition image of his hometown.

Happy New Year 2017! January 01, 2017
A new day dawns and we start a fresh year.

Holiday greetings from roundshot December 20, 2016
Another year has gone by... the entire team at Seitz wishes you and your families a wonderful holiday season and all the best for the New Year!

Livecam Multimedia Software Updates November 18, 2016
This summer and fall, the Roundshot team has worked on a number of important new updates related to our Livecam software and hardware offerings.

new Livecam service conditions October 05, 2016
Following the introduction of our new Livecam generation 3 hardware and new Livecam service plans, Seitz has adapted its Livecam Service Conditions.

roundshot @ photokina 2016 September 25, 2016
Greetings from photokina in Cologne! The Seitz team had again a great show.

photokina news: new Roundshot Livecam! September 20, 2016
Seitz Phototechnik / Roundshot introduces the new Roundshot Livecam generation 3, the first 360° webcam combining still photography with video allowing up to 66 million pixel photographic

photokina news: Presenting the FOVEX Metric September 17, 2016
At this year's photokina, Seitz presents the FOVEX Metric, an automated device to create 231 Megapixel spheres for 3D networks and coloured point cloud output.

new roundshot start-up banners August 29, 2016
As we are getting ready for this year's photokina, we have updated all roundshot website starting banners with new panoramas.

photokina 2016 June 09, 2016
We are happy to announce our participation in the bi-annual photokina trade show.

Livecam Multimedia Platform - Update April 21, 2016
“Publish or perish” could also be a motto for our Livecam Multimedia Platform... every month we face new browser and security issues that require our attention.

Roundshot Livecam France April 15, 2016
Starting from this year, the Seitz team handles all Livecam sales and support activities in France directly from Switzerland.

Photo Salon Luxembourg April 11, 2016
We gladly announce that all4, our distributor for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, will present the roundshot range of panoramic products at the Salon de la Photo in Luxembourg.

Roundshot Livecam - Squaw Valley March 21, 2016
As the winter season in the Northern hemisphere comes to its end, the Livecam Squaw Alpine - Squaw Valley - has taken this amazing early morning image:

IVRPA Conference 2016 - Québec / Canada March 11, 2016
We are pleased to announce our participation in this year's IVRPA Conference!

Roundshot VR Drive - new software February 12, 2016
We continue to improve the software of our VR Drive to allow additional new features, to enhance stability and to expand the database of compatible cameras with additional models.

Livecam - precious moments February 03, 2016
Every once in a while the light, the clouds and the colours are just right for the perfect picture.

New price lists 2016 January 26, 2016
We are pleased to publish our new price lists for the year 2016.

Happy New Year - 2016! January 01, 2016
The New Year has begun and we begin with fresh energy.

Holiday greetings! December 18, 2015
The entire team at Seitz wishes you and your families a wonderful holiday season and all the best for the New Year!

Roundshot Livecam - new mass download December 08, 2015
Shortly before the Christmas holidays we are happy to present another new important feature for our Livecam customers worldwide.

Roundshot Livecam apps - reloaded December 01, 2015
Before the year comes to its end we are introducing some important upgrades for our Livecam apps.

Livecam - new winter season! November 23, 2015
The season's first snow is here and with it the traffic on our Livecam server has tripled over the weekend.

Livecam News - Weather Module October 20, 2015
As we are preparing for the new winter season, we are happy to update you on our recent Livecam Multimedia Software developments.

VR Drive Metric - hands-on review by B+H ! September 14, 2015
Eric Reichbaum of B+H Photo & Electronics in New York City put the new VR Drive Metric to the test.

New Seitz Conditions September 02, 2015
Following some new features of our Livecam Content Software and other evolutions in our business, we have adapted our Livecam Service Conditions as well as our General Terms & Conditions.

Livecam - sleepless in Seattle! August 07, 2015
End of December 2014, our US Livecam distributor PanoAlpin, in cooperation with PANOGS, installed a Roundshot Livecam on top of Seattle's icon, the Space Needle.

VR Drive - new cable clips + software July 31, 2015
In early summer 2015 we introduced the new VR Drive software version 2.15 and with it some hardware upgrades for our customers.

The Livecam network is expanding July 01, 2015
Over the last few months, our partners worldwide and the Roundshot team in Switzerland have installed many new beautiful Livecams.

CGI Workshop in Hamburg 17-18 June 2015 June 03, 2015
The Roundshot team will attend the International CGI Workshop in Hamburg from 17 to 18 June 2015.

New Livecam Service Conditions May 22, 2015
We have updated our Livecam Service Conditions to reflect the changes of our new Livecam Content Software.

Introducing the new Livecam Content Software May 19, 2015
We are happy to introduce the next generation of Livecam Content Management and Presentation software.

IVRPA Conference 2015 in Prague May 06, 2015
The Roundshot team is pleased to announce its attendance at the annual IVRPA Conference which will be held from 1 - 4 June 2015 in Prague.

Roundshot capture software - updates April 17, 2015
Today, we released the new Roundshot capture software version 4.07 which contains many new features and enhanced compatibility with new Mac operating systems.

New Livecam distributor USA/Canada April 13, 2015
We welcome PanoAlpin as our new Livecam distributor in Western USA and Canada!

First VR Drive Metrics shipped! March 13, 2015
Last week, the Roundshot team sent out the first VR Drive Metric units to customers in various countries. Since their first presentation in September 2014 at photokina, the Metric hardware and the

VR Drive price adjustments January 22, 2015
During the course of the last week, the Swiss Franc has significantly appreciated against the EURO, the US$ and against other currencies, which leads us to adjust the prices of our Roundshot VR Drive

Our new 2015 price list are here January 05, 2015
We are happy to present our new price lists for this year which are valid as of now.

Happy New Year! January 01, 2015
The team at Seitz wishes all of you a healthy, happy and successful New Year!

Holiday greetings December 22, 2014
The entire team at Seitz wishes you and your families a wonderful holiday season and all the best for the New Year!

VR Drive software update version 2.13 December 19, 2014
We are happy to announce the release of the new VR Drive software version 2.13 - just in time for Christmas.

VR Drive Metric - sample images ready December 04, 2014
On 16 September 2014 the Seitz team revealed the new Roundshot VR Drive Metric at photokina in Cologne. Since, the team has been busy perfecting the hardware and the stitching software. The overall

Roundshot Livecam - new winter collection November 04, 2014
As the European winter moves in and covers the Alps with a first fluff of powder snow, our Livecam customers are expanding their network of cameras to cover new beautiful locations for 360°

New 6x17 panoramas by David Osborn October 27, 2014
From London-based photographer David Osborn we have received new, stunning 6x17 panoramas that we have added to his gallery page.

VR Drive - automated workflow October 14, 2014
As of today the new external light meter is available as an accessory, enabling a completely automated VR Drive workflow.

VR Drive software news October 08, 2014
For this year's photokina the Seitz team has invested significant time and resources into bringing our VR Drive software to the next level.

Greetings from photokina September 20, 2014
We send you our best greetings from photokina in Cologne / Germany!

Introducing the new VR Drive Metric September 12, 2014
For this years' photokina the Seitz team presents a new product for 360° photography: the Roundshot VR Drive Metric.

photokina news September 12, 2014
As the Seitz team is preparing equipment and bags to leave for photokina, we are happy to present our latest news.

roundshot goes .com August 30, 2014
Our business is international and we sell our camera systems throughout the world. Responding to the global character of our business we have moved our roundshot DNS from .ch to .com.

The Guide To Creating Panoramas August 28, 2014
VR Drive photographer Richard Sisk has published an interesting article on how to get started with panoramic photography and how to market panoramas with success.

VR Drive G-force test August 08, 2014
Zurich-based photographer and multimedia producer Dominik Baumann has again published some breathtaking VR panoramas for Blick - a large Swiss media house.

photokina 2014 June 16, 2014
Seitz is happy to announce that we will exhibit our range of panoramic products at photokina in Cologne.

IVRPA Conference 2014 in Las Vegas May 16, 2014
We are happy to announce that we will be presenting the Roundshot VR Drive at the annual IVRPA Conference in Las Vegas from 25-31 May 2014.

Hong Kong Photo Imaging & Camera Expo April 24, 2014
Roundshot will be represented at the Hong Kong Photo Imaging & Camera Expo by our Chinese distributor Beijing Qiushui Changtian Kemao Co. Ltd.

new price lists 2014 March 28, 2014
We have updated our 2014 price lists which are now available for download from our website.

made by Seitz, Lustdorf / Switzerland March 14, 2014
Peter Mesmer, journalist of our regional Trade Union, recently published an interesting article about Seitz.

field test: Roundshot VR Drive March 06, 2014
Early this year, Swiss photographer Franky Giannilivigni tested the Roundshot VR Drive inside out. Visit his blog to read more about his experiences first-hand:

VR Drive at CGI workshop in Hamburg February 17, 2014
Roundshot will present its VR Drive 360° panorama VR head at the forthcoming International CGI workshop 2014 in Hamburg Germany on 20 + 21 February 2014.

New Livecams in early 2014 January 30, 2014
The year is still young and we have already added a few very nice new Livecams.

New panoramas from Kazakhstan! January 24, 2014
Panoramic photographer Farkhat Kabdykairov has come back from the field with plenty beautiful landscape panoramas.

Happy New Year - 2014! January 01, 2014
The team at Roundshot wishes you all a healthy, successful and simply amazing New Year!

Season's Greetings from Switzerland! December 20, 2013
Time flies and 2013 has almost come to an end.

The Seitz story December 03, 2013
Seitz has been in business for close to 60 years and has developed cutting-edge camera equipment for the panorama as well as the medium format photography market.

Livecam goes West! November 15, 2013
We are proud to welcome our first American Livecam customer: Aspen Snowmass!

Alpa wins Design Prize Switzerland November 04, 2013
Our customer Alpa of Switzerland won the prestigious Design Prize Switzerland 2013/14 for their ALPA 12 FPS.

VR Drive people photography October 29, 2013
How about shooting a spherical 180x360° VR panorama for people photography?

Livecam - at Top of Europe - 3,500m October 18, 2013
Last week on Wednesday 9 October 2013, the Roundshot team installed a new Livecam at Jungfraujoch / Switzerland, at an altitude of 3,500 metres above sea level.

VR Drive - no limits for gigapixels! September 22, 2013
Our team has been working on a new VR Drive software version - 2.10 - which is now available for download in the "Club" - of course free of charge for our VR Drive customers.

Livecam network continues to expand September 09, 2013
Roundshot is the true leader in 360° panoramic webcam technology.

roundshot website - Chinese version August 22, 2013
Far East Asia is one of the most important market regions for Seitz Roundshot panorama equipment.

Enjoy summer with the Roundshot Livecam July 25, 2013
Summer holidays? Not for us! At this moment we are busy installing a large number of new Livecams which will go online very soon.

New instruction manuals July 05, 2013
Over the last few weeks we have made a thorough "spring cleaning" and are happy to present our new and up-to-date instruction manuals:

VR Drive goes hot air ballooning July 02, 2013
Capturing spherical 180x360° panoramas from above with the VR Drive is currently a hot new topic.

VR Drive 360° upside down, in the air! June 17, 2013
In 1982, Emil Schulthess published his coffee table book “Swiss Panorama“ and reached world fame. He produced these 360° panorama images in cooperation with the Swiss Air Force with a

IVRPA Conference - Iceland 2013 May 13, 2013
We are pleased to announce our participation in this year's IVRPA Conference which will be held in Iceland.

Roundshot Livecam - "the best of" May 08, 2013
Have you ever dreamed about capturing a precious moment... a high resolution 360° VR... anytime, anywhere... exactly when the light is perfect and when the colours are amazing?

Seitz partners May 07, 2013
A business can only be as strong as its network of partners.

Seitz Roundshot warranty + service April 22, 2013
We build exceptional panoramic equipment for exceptional people. True to this spirit, our Seitz warranty + service is second to none.

Panoramas from Kazakhstan April 19, 2013
Based in Almaty, Kazakh photographer Farkhat Kabdykairov is a landscape panorama photographer using a wide range of photographic gear, among them the Roundshot D3, Seitz 6x17 Digital and the VR Drive.

Livecam - greetings from up North April 12, 2013
High up in or close to the Arctic a network of Livecams withstands tough climatic conditions.

Roundshot D3 in concert March 22, 2013
French panoramic photographer Daniel Donzel takes the Roundshot D3 camera into a whole new world: 360° concert photography!

Zurich in 360° - new Livecam March 14, 2013
Last week we installed a new Livecam on top of Zurich Townhouse with a splendid 360° view over Zurich old town.

New D3 capture software - variation control March 04, 2013
Following the request of our customers in group photography, we are introducing a new version of our D3 capture software with advanced variation control.

FOCUS on Imaging in Birmingham / UK February 25, 2013
Our London-based representative Teamwork Digital has invited us to join their booth at FOCUS on Imaging in Birmingham.

Lyon in 77 Gigapixels February 22, 2013
Early January 2013 Anaïs + Martin De Graaf (aka De Graaf Photos) created a new, very stunning gigapixel panorama of Lyon / France.

Top of Dubai in 360° and 2.5 Gigapixels February 04, 2013
True - it's not the world's biggest gigapixel panorama, but quite likely one of the most stunning ones.

new price lists 2013 February 01, 2013
Today we introduce our new price lists for 2013.

Roundshot VR Drive - giga! January 03, 2013
Early in the year some of our customers are already busy working on their next gigapixel projects.

Happy New Year! January 01, 2013
The Roundshot Team wishes you all the very best for the New Year!

Seasons greetings from Switzerland! December 24, 2012
Another year has gone by, a year filled with new projects and encounters.

VR Drive - new advanced USB features December 22, 2012
Just in time for Christmas a new and very exciting VR Drive software update is ready.

Welcome to our new website! December 20, 2012
Announced in September, now ready in 3 languages: the new Roundhot website!

New Alpa 12 FPS - Luminous Landscape December 13, 2012
While the Seitz team is busy assembling the first Alpa 12 FPS cameras, a few Alpa photographers have already tested the prototype camera in the field.

Livecam - paradise above the clouds November 15, 2012
Over the last few months we have added some breathtaking new Livecam installations high up in the Swiss, Austrian and French mountains.

Join us at InterGeo in Hannover/Germany! October 03, 2012
Come and visit our FOVEX team at InterGeo, the annual trade show for Geodesy, Geo Information and Land Management.

thank you photokina! September 23, 2012
This year's photokina has again been a very busy show for us and a very good success.

A big thank you for everyone involved!

photokina news: Seitz partnership with Kolor September 22, 2012
Kolor and Seitz announce their partnership to enhance the compatibility of the Roundshot VR Drive 2 motorised panorama head and Kolor Autopano Giga image-stitching software.

New Alpa 12 FPS - the open toolbox September 18, 2012
Today, Alpa of Switzerland unveiled a revolutionary new camera system at photokina: the Alpa 12 FPS.

photokina news September 15, 2012
For this year's photokina we are again presenting a few very interesting novelties and innovations along the entire range of roundshot panoramic equipments. Join us next week in Cologne at booth B023

new roundshot website online September 15, 2012
Today we are launching the new edition of our roundshot website, a major makeover from the previous edition.

Roundshot at photokina 2012 August 28, 2012
The weeks leading up to photokina - the bi-annual trade show for imaging products - are the busiest in our schedule. We are looking forward to presenting again some exciting new features - more

Roundshot Livecam update July 31, 2012
The Roundshot Livecam is the world's most advanced webcam.

Seitz 6x17 Digital portrait images July 02, 2012
For the June 2012 IAPP convention in Chalon-sur-Saône we were invited to stay at the winemaker's home in exchange for a panoramic photoshoot.

Roundshot VR Drive - Time Is Money! June 26, 2012
Is HDR photography a big subject for you? Are you interested in making your 32-bit HDR workflow faster and more reliable while generating better results?

IVRPA & IAPP Events - New York City + Burgundy / France June 02, 2012
We have the pleasure to announce two very interesting events in June:

Photo World Dubai 2012 April 19, 2012
We are please to announce that we will present our Seitz and Roundshot products - for the first time in the Middle East - at Photo World Dubai from 25 until 27 April.

VR Drive - test it, love it, own it! April 11, 2012
Are you tempted by the VR Drive? Would you like to purchase a VR Drive but test a particular software mode before making a decision?

We are expanding our team March 29, 2012
To strengthen our marketing team we are looking for a multilingual salesperson who is technology-savvy and loves photography.

360° VR photography at the extreme March 23, 2012
An interview with Matthias Taugwalder

Gigashots by Dan Nudel + David Silver March 12, 2012
Our customers surprise us again and again by creativity, boldness and innovation.

New VR Drive instruction manuals February 03, 2012
Since introduction of the VR Drive generation 2 in May 2011, we have continuously expanded its software and added new features and software modes.

FODIS at India Geospatial Forum in Delhi January 31, 2012
We have the pleasure to announce that the FODIS team will present the FODIS panorama camera and FODIS Measure 3D software at India Geospatial Forum from 7 until 9 February 2012.

New Roundshot VR Drive with HDR mode - press release January 19, 2012
The Roundshot VR Drive with HDR mode is the latest extension of our product range and embodies a very practical innovation for our customers.