Roundshot VR Drive reviews

Eight years after its market introduction, the Roundshot VR Drive (generation 2) is still a hot tool for 360° VR photography.

Be it for cylindrical or spherical panoramas, gigapixel photography, 32-bit HDRs, object movies (turntable), timelapse or video capture, the VR Drive is the most versatile product in the market.

Today we introduce two additional reviews which were published on the VR Drive which give a very good overview and insights for first-time users.

In addition, we recommend visiting the blog of Thomas Bredenfeld (Germany) and buy his book on Panorama Photography (in German language) which contains an excellent overview of VR tools, techniques and workflows:

Thomas Bredenfeld - panorama blog - "Panoramafotografie - digitale Fotopraxis"

Happy reading to all - if you have any questions regarding the VR Drive product and workflow, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone.

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