VR Drive spring updates

In line with the latest firmware version 2.023, we have created updated VR Drive instruction manuals which are now available for download.

Over the last few years, Seitz has published a series of new firmware updates for our VR Drive customers. In line with these updates we have now also updated our VR Drive manuals and are happy to present them as downloads in English, German and French:

Roundshot_VR_Drive_2_instruction_manual  [8.90 MB]

Roundshot_VR_Drive_2_Bedienungsanleitung  [8.90 MB]

Roundshot_VR_Drive_2_manuel_instructions  [8.90 MB]

The new manuals explain all new software features and also include some new hardware options (such as the VR bottom plate). The section "tips + tricks" was expanded and now contains more details on workflow, realigning the nodal rail with y-motor, HDR photography, how to reduce vibrations using Liveview, x/y repeat/resume and how to use the new 360° light measurement option with the external light meter.

We are particularly happy to also introduce a new manual in French language for the French-speaking VR Drive community around the world.

Enjoy this great new gigapixel panorama of Zell am See in Austria, created by gigapixel photographer Helmuth Günther:

gigapixel image: Helmuth Günther (http://www.helmuth-günther.de) with Roundshot VR Drive + Canon EOS 5D mk iii + firmware version 2.023


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