New: the webcam that never sleeps

We are thrilled to introduce the Roundshot Livecam generation 4 as well as the Roundshot Livecam One, two brand-new products which will become available in autumn 2019 and which will define the "state-of-the-art" in 360° webcam technology for the years to come.

Have a look at our animated product update flyer which is available through the following links:

>>> The webcam that never sleeps (English)

>>> Die Webcam, die niemals schläft (Deutsch)

>>> La webcam qui ne dort jamais (français)

Roundshot Livecam Generation 4

The new Roundshot Livecam Generation 4 is a revolutionary 360 ° webcam system that opens up new possibilities for online marketing:

  • breathtaking and record-breaking resolution: between 60 and 144 megapixels (predecessor model: 15 - 66 megapixels)

  • seamless day & night high resolution still images - 24h hours a day, in all climates - one image every 10 minutes

  • 4k video sequences of up to 1 minute - one sequence every 10 minutes (in between panorama still images)
  • This new system creates a completely new user experience and creates a next "wow" for our customers.

    Thanks to a 24/7 operation, this camera allows frequent image updates and early morning weather observation ideal for outdoor activities or security.

    Smooth 4k video sequences - generated through one single camera device - allow to capture motion such as moving ski lifts, skiers, water movement or current wind conditions.

    4k video samples:

    Harder Kulm

    Stadthaus Zürich


    Roundshot One

    This new product is conceived as a simple solution for situations where a panorama image is not required or not desired and allows a horizontal image angle of up to 100°. It comes with the following features:

  • 24 megapixel image resolution (stills)

  • seamless day & night high resolution still images - 24h hours a day, in all climates - one image every 10 minutes


    At the moment, several prototypes are being tested intensively in a variety of different situations to collect additional data to fine-tune hardware and software.

    If you are interested in any of our new products, we will be happy to provide a detailed quote.

    We are very much looking forward to introducing these two models and look forward to seeing many new cameras installed and a wealth of interesting new images captured very soon!

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