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New VR Drive software

Our new VR Drive software version 2.019 is now ready for download and brings some powerful new features.

These are the highlights of the new software version:

  • selective repetition of images by row/position - very helpful after completion of a program when one or several frames need repetition due to movement or light changes
  • mirror-lock-up during an entire program with USB release - enables to significantly reduce mirror vibrations, especially useful for panoramas with long focals (gigapixels) - available for all modern Nikon cameras and all USB-compatible Canon EOS cameras
  • new USB compatibility + VR Drive HDR mode for Fuji GFX 50s + Sony A9* cameras! This is a world first: USB-controlled HDR bracketing for a medium-format camera.
  • update of camera data base for new DSLRs: Nikon D850, Canon EOS 77D, 200D, 800D, 6D Mk 2

* For Sony A9 a pause of 5-6 seconds is required in between images (bracketing series). This is due to the camera software.


We are excited to release the new VR Drive software and wish all VR Drive users lots of pleasure and success.

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