New D3 capture software

Today, we released the Roundshot D3 + Seitz 6x17 Digital capture software version 4.13.

With this new capture software we have implemented a number of improvements for D3 Livecam for ships as well as for Livecam generation 2.

To enable continued compatibility with most modern computers, we upgraded the capture software for Windows 10 and for Mac OSX High Sierra.

We wish all D3 users continued success and fun with their cameras.


Angus Bernham
Angus-Bernham-Central-Coast.jpg Angus-Bernham-Manly-Beach-2.jpg
Central Coast Manly Beach Sydney
Angus-Bernham-Narrabeen-Beach1.jpg Angus-Bernham-Nobbys-Beach.jpg
Narrabeen Beach Nobbys Beach
Scotts Head
images: Angus Benham / Australia mit Seitz 6x17 Digital



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