Creating a high quality panorama is not just about great images. This is why we created an integrated workflow from image capture to stitching and finally rendering of the panorama.

The VR Drive workflow - designed to make it work! 


The VR Drive workflow is seamlessly integrated and relies on the following elements:

Roundshot VR Drive 


The VR Drive enables a precise set-up of nodal point. Thanks to its strong motors, the positioning is very accurate.

These two elements combined assure high quality images for the subsequent stitching.

Roundshot Image Bundler 


When transferring the images on the computer in a hot folder, the Roundshot Image Bundler automatically groups the images into projects and extracts and generates the matching xml file for the next step in the panorama workflow.

Copy the entire contents of a storage card on disk - the Roundshot Image Bundler will clean it up! This saves precious time and avoids stitching mistakes from missing or duplicated images.

Please visit our website of compatible cameras to check whether your camera is supported.

xml file


Having trouble stitching a blue sky or a blank wall without any features? The xml file solves such stitching challenges nicely and greatly enhances stitching speed and quality.

The xml file defines the exact position of every image and the sequence of image taking. When importing the xml file with the images into PTGUI, the images are placed into the exact capture pattern. Even if the software cannot automatically orient the images, they will always be in the correct position, making the setting of manual control points much easier. 

The VR Drive xml file can be either automatically generated by the Roundshot Image Bundler or can be manually exported for specific VR Drive programs.

stitching software



Many of our customers use PTGUI stitching software to obtain great results, also for for 32-bit HDRs with simultaneous stitching and mixing!

virtual tour software



Once rendered, the finished panorama can be used for electronic or print media or in downstream software applications. Animated in virtual tour software, spherical panoramas allow free scrolling and navigation in the 180x360° space. Additional media such as floor plans, hot spots, videos etc. make the virtual tour a powerful marketing tool. 




For more details on VR photography visit the site of IVRPA. The International VR Photography Association also organises yearly conferences with the "who-is-who" in VR photography. Join the conference and get to know the thought leaders in this field.

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