Tough hardware combined with powerful software for image creation and processing make the Roundshot Livecam perform like Swiss clockwork.

Everything starts with the image. As innovators and leaders in 360° scanning equipment we created a new generation of webcam, optimised for non-stop image taking in difficult environments. We designed the Roundshot Livecam for maximum resiliance in harsh weather conditions, superb image quality, fast scanning and high resolution. Interchangeable lenses make this camera very versatile. Optional cellular 3G/4G network access allows installations in remote locations. Last but not least, a powerful capture software makes the Livecam equipment complete.



360° high resolution camera

Our high resolution panorama camera is the heart of the Roundshot Livecam product. Conceived as a high resolution panorama camera, it scans the environment every few minutes to produce stunning images.


professional lens

The Livecam uses the same professional Canon lenses like professional photographers do. For individual framing the focal length is flexible and ranges from 18mm to 55mm.



weatherproof case

To protect the Livecam from wind and weather, the weatherproof case fully seals the camera and electronics. Its window cleans quickly after rain or snow and allows high image quality throughout the year.



A mini-computer with Linux OS is integrated directly into the camera. It controls the camera, captures the images, saves them and sends the images with our uploader tool to the web server.


capture software

Turn, scan, save. The Roundshot capture software triggers new images with its scheduler program. This advanced software allows almost any image format up to 360° and far-reaching customisation.


web server

Our web server receives the images from Livecam installations, processes and stores them, creates back-ups. It also generates various formats and resolutions for the web, iphone/ipad, screens, screen savers, television and for the panodrive application.



speed upgrade

Would you like to increase the rhythm of image taking? Not a problem - ask us for our speed upgrade with which we can accelerate image transfer.


ethernet cable

The ethernet cable bridges the connection between computer and camera and is equipped with waterproof plugs.


power cable

A powerful 24V mains adapter - built for industrial applications - feeds power to the camera over a cable which is also sealed with a waterproof plug.



Image quality

Equipped with the same state-of-the-art image algorithms like our larger panorama camera camera - the D3 - our Livecam creates high resolution images which are super sharp, are rich in colour and dynamic range. We believe that superior image quality is essential - only this way a location can be presented in its full beauty and detail.


lens examples
(focal length)
total resolution
24mm 2,048 pixels 10,771 pixels 22 million pixels (= 11x full HD)
35mm  2,048 pixels 15,707 pixels 32 million pixels (= 15x full HD)
55mm  2,048 pixels 24,684 pixels 51 million pixels (= 25x full HD)
72mm  2,048 pixels 32,313 pixels 66 million pixels (= 32x full HD)


An image not only needs resolution, it also needs to be sharp. Super sharp. Our highly precise camera technology combined with professional lenses deliver an image quality and vivid colours so far never seen in a webcam.

With a 9 f-stop dynamic range, the Livecam's image quality is far beyond any conventional webcam and plays in the league of today's modern imaging technology. A high dynamic range means that the camera captures fine detail in highlights as well as in shadows which is very important for panorama images. 

Image: Livecam Anzère - Pistes / Switzerland