installation + maintenance

Our network of Livecams work day and night, in summer and in winter, from tropical Panama to artic Spitzbergen near the North Pole.  Here is why.

Livecam installation and maintenance - because reliability matters!




What is required for the installation of a Roundshot Livecam? First of all, a beautiful location. As we are photographers at heart we help our customers to find the perfect spot. A mast is placed at the installation site into which the Livecam is inserted and the ethernet and power cables are fed through. An internet connection can be established via DSL or - for remote locations - over a 3G/4G or edge mobile network. For Livecams which are exposed to weather and thunderstorms we recommend installing a lightning protection unit.


beautiful location

Show your environment in all its beauty! Make your website visitors feel to be immersed in the landscape. The choice of location is a first and important step in setting up a new Livecam.


Livecam mast

As every Livecam location is different, a variety of different mast types are available. The Livecam is placed into a solid steel tube which serves at the same time as housing for the ethernet and power cables.


power connection

To operate the Livecam, a power connection within 30m of the camera is necessary. Temporary power failure? Not a problem - the capture computer and the Livecam will reboot automatically once the power is restored.



internet / DSL

Rotate, scan, save, send. The DSL connection establishes the link between capture computer and web server and ensures that the Livecam images are continuously up-to-date. 

mobile network

For remote locations where no DSL connection is available, we provide a mobile box with 3G/edge antenna. The internet connection is established over the mobile network, completely independent from cabled DSL.

lightning protection

Is your Livecam exposed to lightning? We can install a lightning protection device which shields the camera from induced overcharge from cable connections.




hardware maintenance

We designed the Livecam to be self-sufficient and maintenance-free for long periods of time. Contary to video webcams where rain drops and snow deteriorate image quality, the Livecam continues to produce nice images even in bad weather. This because the glass window cleans quickly thanks to the integrated fan and Livecam heating with thermostat. The heater activates itself automatically when the temperature drops below a certain limit, ensuring that the Livecam keeps warm even in arctic conditions. Should any hardware components need repair, our technicians will do on-site support or - for more complete maintenance - the camera will be serviced at our factory.


Livecam fan + heating

Inside the weatherproof housing a fan blows air across the window glass continuously to keep it free from any mist or haze. The heating unit ensures that the Livecam keeps operating reliably even in the most chilly conditions. 


repair service

Even the most robust hardware needs a break from time to time. As manufacturers of the Livecam equipment we have the necessary skills, equipment and spare materials to get your Livecam back up running for many years of service.






software support

Keeping our Livecams running and online is important for us. A computer monitoring tool alerts our team should a Livecam no longer send images to our web server. We use remote connection tools to access any Livecam computer in the world for diagnosis and immediate trouble-shooting. However, thanks to the reliable build and solid software of our Livecams, hardware maintenance or software support is the exception rather than the rule.


online monitoring

Our computer monitoring system checks non-stop if new images are sent to the web server. If not, an email system alerts Livecam owner and our support team. Immediate action is taken to restore connection and image transfer.

remote connection

A Livecam installation on a mountain top? In a remote location? Near the North Pole? Not a problem  - thanks to internet connectivity we can log on to the local computer and trouble shoot camera hardware and software.


Image: Livecam Anzère - Pistes / Switzerland