VR Drive - new VR bottom plate

For those VR Drive customers who use the same camera body very frequently, we developed a new fixed bracket, allowing a more precise center alignment and more compact build.



With this new accessory it is possible to fix the center point with two screws between 32-70mm with very high accuracy.

The center point value ("a-value") is stored in the VR Drive software for every program, allowing easy set-up when the equipment is reinstalled.

The VR Drive y-motor is attached directly on the bracket, reducing the overall height of the VR Drive - ideal when working with shorter focals.

While the new VR bottom plate will be available as an accessory, our universal L-bracket will continue to ship as our standard bracket for new VR Drives.
The L-bracket is typically used for projects requiring a higher camera position for longer focals or when a variety of different cameras are used.

The new VR bottom plate can now be ordered using article code 9923 for the price of CHF 250.


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