Create panorama tours with VR easy!

Today we present VR-EASY to you, a company based in Berlin/Germany and started by VR photography professionals dedicated to making online virtual tours easy and efficient.

With the wrap-up of KOLOR and the discontinuation of popular VR products such as PanoTour, the VR community worldwide has been looking for new solutions. The start-up company VR-EASY has now stepped in to not only fill the gap, but to enhance the VR tour experience.

Their goals:

  • Create a home for 360° content developers
  • Give the possibility to use the VR-EASY cloud service to users, but also give them access to the VR-EASY know-how
  • Provide free-of-charge webinars for content creation and sales support
  • Introduce a new stock photo feature starting in fall 2019, allowing additional revenue for content creators
  • Provide benefits for the business of professional photographers by referencing their work

Here's a video explaining how the VR-EASY cloud software works (in German with English subtitles):

The business model is built on a cloud service with three different product packages to choose from:

  • freemium - free of charge for 14 days with all features, reverting to a base version with limited features and built-in advertisement
  • premium - 5 GB of data (sufficient for approximately 100 panoramas at 12'000 x 6'000 Pixel) with different duration packages: EUR 9 for one month, EUR 27 for 3 months, EUR 52 for 6 months or EUR 99 for 12 months
  • pro - with white label option - also with own domain possible, reseller options, all features, EUR 39 per month

It is possible to test the service free or charge by registering for the FREEMIUM version. All subscriptions can be cancelled within a 30 days notification period.

So what is the benefit for the user?

  • an online software with easy-to-use backend
  • focus on photography rather than programming - no IT knowledge required
  • build a sustainable business while keeping in touch with your customers
  • get access to a variety of marketing features, generating new content requests by customers
  • new features are included automatically
  • data hosted on German servers (GDPR)

We at roundshot keep on striving for the best workflow for our customers.

It is in this spirit that we wish the team at vr-easy all the best for their new products and continued success!

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